The dentist who killed Cecil the lion at the time is again …


American dentist Walter Palmer (60), who meanwhile killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe five years ago, is hunting again. This time, he shot a wild sheep in Mongolia, according to The Mirror.

The trophy hunter went to Mongolia to shoot an Argali sheep. It would be an old ram. Argali sheep are very much endangered. The Mirror was able to find out that it was the infamous dentist based on a photo that Brent Sinclair, a pal of Palmer’s friend, posted on Facebook. He shot the animal with a crossbow.

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The dentist who then killed Cecil the lion went hunting again in Mongolia“/>


Cecil the lion

Cecil the Lion was the largest lion in Hwange National Park, in western Zimbabwe. The thirteen-year-old animal was also one of the park’s best-known residents and was a national pride for Zimbabwe. But in the summer of 2015, the animal was shot and killed by a US dentist during a hunt. The dentist, Walter Palmer, shot the lion as a hunting trophy. He did that with a crossbow, then the animal was killed with a bullet. Cecil was then skinned, and his head was separated from the body to take with him as a trophy. Palmer reportedly paid about $ 50,000 for the hunting expedition.

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