The Demonstration for the Right to Education “That no young person is left without studying” is carried out. By the Front for the Democratization of the University of Sonora.

The Front for the Democratization of the University of Sonora held this Tuesday, May 24, the Demonstration “For the Right to Education, that no young person be left without studying.”

It was attended by applicants from UNISON, parents, academics affiliated with STAUS and students from the University of Sonora and members of the Front.

The event was in charge of the Mtro. Juan Díaz Hilton General Secretary of STAUS, of Mtra. Ariana Patricia Quijada Lavander, Secretary of Education, Culture and Trade Union Training for the students: Albatros Parra, Ivonne López, Eber Cabrera and Eduardo Granillo, from the Student Movement “The Voice of the Students”.

The event attended the media where they spoke of the urgency of a change in the Law in UNISON, guaranteeing the Right to Higher Education and its Gratuity.

In the event, a list of all the applicants who were not accepted in the UNISON was taken and it was uploaded to the Rectory demanding the Front that the applicants who attended the event be accepted and continue their studies.

In the Rectory they were received by Dr. Benjamín Burgos Flores, Secretary of the Rectory, who continues to attend to each of the cases of those present, so far most of the cases have been in favor of the student.

There are also cases that remain unsolved.

By this means, the University Authority is required to have the Right to Education, “That no young person be left without studying.”

All applicants who did not attend the event and who were not accepted at UNISON are also invited to communicate with Mtra. Partricia Quijada Lavander, Secretary of Education of STAUS, to email [email protected], sending your full name data, file number, and screenshot of the race or races in which you were NOT accepted.

For more information, videos and photos of the event are presented.










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