The Definitive Ranking of the Top 10 Grass-Type Pokémon

This is the definitive ranking of the top 10 grass-type Pokémon.

After having gone through the rankings of the best Pokémon of other types, such as the electric type or the fighting type, and those of different generations, the time has come to talk about the best plant-type Pokémon.

This type currently has a total of 59 moves that are especially effective against water, rock, and ground-type Pokémon. Regarding the number of Pokémon that belong to this type, there are a total of 127, among which we have made the following selection of the 10 best, below.

These are the best grass-type Pokémon


The worst of the Pokémon on this list is a full-fledged tank. In keeping with its massive size, though not overly threatening, Meganium has very good defense and a fair amount of health, so opponents can hang around for a long time until it’s knocked out. However, he has one major shortcoming when it comes to his attack capabilities, not to mention his speed, which is just as lousy. Although, as mediocre as these last two characteristics are, it is among the best Grass-type Pokémon thanks to its power that manages to balance the scales.


Unlike the previous Pokémon, Serperior stands out, above all else, in its speed. But, unfortunately, and although they are not bad at all, the rest of his abilities mean that his average abilities are reduced and he ends up relegated to this 9th place. Even so, within those somewhat more mediocre capabilities, it should be noted that it has quite admirable defense and special defense, something that we cannot say about its offensive section.

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Serperior Pokemon


Roselia’s evolution was one of the best additions that the ‘Diamond and Pearl’ game brought with it, from the fourth generation. And, it is that, according to a large number of fans, it is one of the coolest species in the entire franchise. The combination of grass and poison type present in this Pokémon makes it have a more than powerful special attack, and its special defense and speed are not far behind. Without a doubt, an essential addition to this top of the best plant-type Pokémon.

Roserade Pokémon


Although it is not one of the species that first comes to mind when talking about the most powerful Pokémon, it is a very strong opponent that you would not be very happy to face. Where it falters the most is in defense, which it makes up for with a somewhat better special defense and excellent health points. Its attack, both normal and special, and its speed are somewhat above average, so we are facing one of the most balanced Pokémon in the ranking, and we haven’t even reached the middle of it.


This is the final evolution (not counting mega-evolutions, obviously) of Bulbasaur, one of the first generation starter Pokémon and one of the most popular in the history of the saga. Upon exceeding level 32, that initial darling becomes an impassable mass. It is true that none of its statistics are enormously high, being rather mediocre, but having all its offensive and defensive aspects at a practically equal level, so we are not talking about any terrible factor either.

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Venusaur Pokemon


In the case of this eighth generation Pokémon, its wide but, above all, powerful repertoire of movements is what makes it one of the best grass-type Pokémon. Although what stands out the most is that its special attack stat is a disaster, having good numbers in the rest of the aspects, Rillaboom reaches number 5 in this ranking without much trouble.

Rillaboom Pokémon


Both his appearance and abilities are quite impressive and beloved by the fandom. He may not be able to hold out for too long in combat, but the times he is there, he shows off his inordinate speed and offensive ability if his coach knows how to use the various skills available to him well. All this without counting on her Mega-Evolution, moment in which she becomes a true beast that will defeat all her opponents at lightning speed.



We enter directly to the podium of the best grass-type Pokémon with this threatening species. It is a rare Pokémon, as it was distributed only using special codes, but it still starred in one of the latest movies in the franchise: ‘Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle’. His attack is insane, and it’s only slightly above his health, speed and defense points, which are on par. Therefore, we are facing a terrifying Pokémon both in terms of its physical appearance and its statistics in combat.

Zarude Pokémon


The silver medal of this top is for one of the most adorable Pokémon on this entire list and, practically, the entire franchise. However, you can be fooled by this aspect, as it is capable of pummeling all of your Pokémon in one battle if you’re not careful. All of his stats are extremely balanced, but they are also well above average. In the same way, Celebi is very special since he has the ability to travel in time, thanks to which we were able to meet a much younger version of Professor Oak in the fourth film of the franchise.

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Celeb Pokemon


Even without being a legendary or mythical Pokémon (although it is extradimensional), Kartana has been able to occupy the number 1 position of the best grass-type Pokémon, or at least in our ranking. His offense is out of this world (literally), and it almost matches his defense and speed. And while his special defense and hit points are even above average, his powerful repertoire of abilities more than makes up for these shortcomings.

And you, dear reader, do you agree with us who are the 10 best grass-type Pokémon? Do you think there is any other species missing from this list? Tell us your opinion through social networkswhere we remind you that you can follow us in order to know the latest news related to anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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