The definitive guide for Sorare players

For video game and soccer lovers this game is being the revolution, with thousands of daily active players enjoying this innovative game.

Its operation, with digital cards with which to form a squad, allows you to get rewards based on the performance of players in real life, which increases the excitement in each match.

In this article we tell you all the information about this fantasy soccer game, some tips to get you started in its operation and the definitive guide for beginners.

Everything you need to know about the trendy soccer game

Within the world of video games and fantasy soccer, Sorare is presented as one of the most innovative and avant-garde options. In this video game, players will have to manage online a soccer squad designed to their needs, through the use of digital player cards.

This video game works thanks to blockchain technology, the same used for cryptocurrencies, and is based on Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptoassets among investors.

And the fact is that this video game has attracted players from all over the world and even top-level professional soccer players, including world champions such as André Schürrle or Gerard Piqué.

This video game represents one of the largest practical applications of blockchain technology and allows its players to benefit from the actual results of the footballers they’ve in their squad. The scoring system will depend on the performance on the field of play, influencing factors such as minutes played, goals, assists or cards received.

In this way, Sorare players will only have to design the best possible squad, choose the players they think will perform best in the match and wait to get their results.

The beginner’s guide to Sorare

There’re many players who want to get started in the world of Sorare, but for this it’s essential to know how the game works, the types of cards and all the necessary data to get the best squad.

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WeSorare offers the definitive guide for video game lovers who are beginners in Sorare, detailing all the information with which to become a true expert and sweep with your squad of players.

In this guide you can learn everything you need to know about Sorare, from what the game is and how it works to more specific details such as the rarity of the cards.

One of the most striking and valued aspects by the players is that the cards of the players that form the squad of players can have different rarity ratings, making them exclusive and valuable digital objects.

In addition, all the necessary information on how to play, how to build a squad or the explanation of the game’s reward systems is also detailed in this guide.

Also included in the guide are tips on how to become the best manager of your fantasy soccer team and how to keep yourself informed of aspects that can affect the operation (such as the injury status of the players).

In short, with this guide you‘ll go from being a beginner to a real expert in Sorare, to form the team of your dreams with the most fashionable soccer players, with cards and a dynamic operation that also allows you to get prizes, which allows you to enjoy the experience even more.

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