the defense of the municipality at the heart of the program of communist candidates

The Communist Party presented this Monday, September 14 in Bordeaux, its list for the senatorial elections, which will take place on September 27. There are eight elected officials:

– the departmental secretary of the PC, Sébastien Laborde, vice-president of the agglomeration community of Libournais

– the mayor of Saint-Pierre-d’Aurillac, Stéphane Denoyelle

– Véronique Lavaud, Deputy Mayor of Saint-André-de-Cubzac

– Josette Mugron, mayor of Frontenac

– Vincent Maurin, deputy mayor of the Bordeaux Maritime district

– Stéphane Le Bot, municipal councilor in Cussac-Fort-Médoc

– Claude Mellier, elected in Mérignac, vice-president of Bordeaux Métropole

– Marie-Claude Cardinal, elected in Pessac

For the candidates of the PC, the context of the health crisis dominates these cantonal elections. “The issues of this crisis are present in the Senate, explains Sébastien Laborde. The senators will have to vote on the finance bill, the Castex plan, the” 3 D “law. It will be a very political election. The pandemic has shown the state in which the hospital is located. It also showed the importance of the municipalities: they are the ones who organized solidarity on the ground. The municipality must remain the pillar of the Republic, because we see that things work when the state and local communities work together, we simply need to give more resources to citizens “.

“Take the money where it is”

The candidates then announced that it was necessary “to take the money where it is: by re-establishing the ISF, by stopping giving to large groups, as the Castex plan plans to do”. Main objective of these elections: “to strengthen the left opposition in the Senate” (the PC group has 17 elected). But they admit that the municipal elections “muddied the waters”, according to Véronique Lavaud. Many elected officials come from civil society lists, they are great voters for the senatorial but without great political culture and without partisan discipline. “They don’t necessarily see that the issue is very political, we have to explain a lot” …

Along with the defense of local communities, the Communists also put forward ecology: support for the rail network (Blaye-Saint Mariens line, Metropolitan RER, etc.), “a new river economy” for Vincent Maurin. “But there will be no ecological progress without taking into account social issues, specifies Sébastien Laborde. Today, local communities are threatened with becoming registration chambers, under the supervision of the state. local elected representatives are a wealth of our country “.

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