The Decline of Lebanon: Political Analyst Wajdi Al-Aridi’s Concerns and Predictions

The Decline of Lebanon: Political Analyst Wajdi Al-Aridi’s Concerns and Predictions

“Lebanon Debate”

Political analyst Wajdi Al-Aridi fears that “targeting the American embassy in Beirut is an indication of the return of the 1980s era when the American embassy in Ain Al-Mreisseh was destroyed, and then the series of attacks on embassies was repeated and more than one Western diplomat was killed at that stage.”

In an interview with “Lebanon Debate,” Al-Aridi said: “I do not expect that we will reach this matter, but what is happening today is that Lebanon has returned to an arena and platform for directing messages to this country and those from Lebanese lands, against regional backgrounds and in attempts within the framework of restructuring the region and the transformations and changes.”

He adds, “To this end, Lebanon today is a rogue state. As a result, there is no state or homeland, but rather groups of peoples living in this country. There are more than two million displaced Syrians and 700,000 Palestinian refugees, in addition to terrorist organizations and others. The country is full of organizations and fundamentalists, The question is when will the explosion come?

He believes that “there is no civil war among the Lebanese, because the parties failed, were defamed, stole and committed crimes, so there are no parties and no one to grieve. To this end, I do not see that there is a civil war, but perhaps assassinations, explosions, murder, bandits, suicide, and many things that may happen in any situation.” “Timing, in light of this chaos.”

As for the political and diplomatic movement, Al-Aridi believes that “there is no president at this stage, and he may be elected at any time if the international and regional moment comes to elect a president and before Lebanon is uprooted from its foundations in light of these difficult circumstances and the absence of the state, no president, no government.” There is no parliament, but there is diplomatic tension today… Let us wait.”

He points out that “there will be a pivotal speech tomorrow, by the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, on the Kingdom’s National Day, and the significance of the celebration venue in central Beirut, to emphasize the gathering and meeting of the Lebanese, and Al-Bukhari will set basic headings, adhering to Taif, and then confirming that the Kingdom will not abandon Lebanon.” To two other addresses, and there will be a large crowd, as the Saudi role is essential and pivotal in Lebanon and the region.”

And about the campaigns that the Kingdom is being subjected to by some political authorities and others? Al-Aridi believes that this falls within the category of lack of loyalty and conscience, and for political interests and immediate gains, but this is reprehensible by those who do not value loyalty, and these are their well-known political methods. This system, together, agrees on the survival of Lebanon, a state of fragments, not a homeland of which the children can be proud. And grandchildren.”

Who is the president-in-waiting? Al-Aridi answers: “There is more than one road map. The beginning of the Qatari envoy carries more than one name, and perhaps two names, including the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, as a title and main candidate, but in the past hours the level of the third option has risen, meaning what the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rai said in front of Some representatives, and he said to them: You do not want the army commander, and you do not want the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, so what do you want?

He stressed that “there are names that Al-Rahi named, and told them to the French envoy, and they are close and in harmony with the list of Representative Ghassan Skaf, who announced them on political references, and in front of some ambassadors, former Minister Ziad Baroud, and the honorary president of Harvard University graduates, Dr. Habib Al-Zoghbi, who is from outside the country. The political system, while the name of the former minister, lawyer Naji Al-Bustani, remains one of the prominent figures that has been discussed at various levels and has been discussed recently in a very strong manner.”

He touched on the communication between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, revealing that a meeting will be held soon between them, but the head of the movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, is adept at political maneuvers, and was able to turn corners with allies, opponents, and friends. But I say it very clearly: there is no president before the settlement matures, and perhaps This requires more than one shooting incident at this embassy and that, or an explosion here and there, and perhaps a reheating of the Ain al-Hilweh camp, then there will be a feeling that the president will come to the protector.”

Al-Aridi concludes by saying: “There are security procedures and measures taken by some representatives, and they withdrew their armored cars from the garages, before the shooting at the American embassy, ​​in addition to that some ambassadors and diplomats took firm measures in their movements and movements, which brings us back to previous eras, and stages that witnessed… Targeting of foreign and Western ambassadors and others, and now we are waiting and waiting for Lebanon to wait, either the president, a breakthrough, or an explosion.

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