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The hierarch declared this Friday before the prosecutor’s office that he is investigating a criminal complaint against him for alleged prevarication, since it is alleged that he exceeded his powers by making the vaccination of university personnel mandatory.

The rector of the University of Costa Rica, Gustavo Gutiérrez, said he was calm after testifying before the Prosecutor’s Office of the Second Judicial Circuit of San José, which is investigating him for the alleged crime of prevarication. after a group calling themselves “Professionals for Science and Truth” filed a criminal complaint against him on the grounds that he exceeded his powers and had no right to make the vaccination of the institution’s staff mandatory.

Gutierrez said he presented his statement for the investigative stage of the Prosecutor’s Office and that during it, he explained “the decisions we have made have been supported by expert criteria in both health and legal matters, based on current regulations, constitutional jurisprudence and others.”

“I am extremely calm with these actions and decisions that we have taken now thinking about the health of the university community and something that is very important is that we have prioritized the collective well-being over the individual. It is basically the content of the declaration that I have just made,” he said.

The hierarch also said to have «full confidence that the court’s decision will be appropriate, adhering to certain legal principles” and stated that he considers that what was alleged in today’s hearing will be sufficient for the dismissal to be issued in his favor.

Regarding the complaint and the alleged crime in it, Gutiérrez explained that a group outside the University argued before the authorities that he “had no right” to force university personnel to be vaccinated. “It is interesting because, as I understand it, they are not from the University of Costa Rica, it is an external group, even with apparently external, international links,” he added.

It should be remembered that last Wednesday, January 5, the Constitutional Chamber rejected on the merits an unconstitutionality action filed against executive decree No. 43249-S, which established the mandatory application of the COVID-19 vaccine for civil servants. public. In addition, the court determined that the objective of this decree is to guarantee the right to health at the collective level and in defense of the public interest, according to the official statement.

The university rector reported that resolutions like that, as well as the criteria of the National Commission of Vaccination and Epidemiology, of the Office of Welfare and Health and the Legal Office of the UCR, were mentioned during his appearance, to substantiate the measure. “As I said, the decision was made on the basis in the criteria of experts in both health and legal matters and that is why I have complete peace of mind ».


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