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The decision to play Lo Celso is considered smart, Mourinho: Do ​​not praise me: Okezone the ball

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LONDON – Coach of Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho again showed his prowess in the match against Manchester City in the 2020-2021 Premier League match, Sunday (22/11/2020) early morning WIB. Thanks to his strategy, Mourinho managed to help Tottenham win with a convincing score of 2-0 over Josep Guardiola’s squad.

The most interesting thing is Mourinho’s decision to make substitutions in the second half. Whether on purpose or not, the Portuguese coach’s decision to include Giovani Lo Celso in the 65th minute turned out to be a goal.

Lo Celso only takes 35 seconds to score the second goal for Tottenham in the match against Man City. Obviously entering Lo Celso is one of the best decisions and strategies Mourinho has shown.

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Not surprisingly, after the match ended, many parties felt that Mourinho’s choice of pulling Tanguy Ndombele and entering Lo Celso in the 65th minute was a smart move. However, Mourinho was reluctant to be called the brains in the second goal created by Lo Celso.

Mourinho’s decision to play Lo Celso in the 65th minute according to him was just a coincidence and he felt very lucky. If praise is to be given, Mourinho feels Lo Celso deserves the appreciation.

Because according to Mourinho, Lo Celso scored a very good goal against Man City in Ederson Moraes’ goal. But the point is Mourinho said it all happened because of the luck factor.

“It was luck (Mourinho replied when asked about Lo Celso’s goal). More appreciation deserves to be given to the player because he (Lo Celso) is cool, he is technically perfect. He chips the ball and it’s incredible, “said Mourinho, quoted by Football London, Sunday (22/11/2020).

“However, is it because of that the coach deserves appreciation? I don’t think so, because he was lucky too. He did what Tanguy would do if he was fresh (not tired), ”he added.

Mourinho also admitted to making substitutions because he saw Ndombele who was getting tired. Therefore, he also asked Lo Celso to play and suddenly he was able to score a goal.

“Tanguy is tired, he is doing a fantastic job for the team and we need a new player at this point who can do what he should be doing. For score problems? It is a fortune, “he concluded.

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