The death of the Egyptian artist Khaled Hamza

The Egyptian artist, Khaled Hamza, died on Sunday evening in Cairo, after a long illness.

Writer Eman Yahya announced on his Facebook account the death of his friend, saying, “The artist Khaled Hamza passed away
“Tomorrow is a life full of artistic endeavors as an actor, theater director and author.”
He continued: I got to know him in the late eighties of the last century, in an electoral battle that his friend Dr. Mukhtar Al-Sayed fought, and then we met in the Kefaya movement again.

He added: In the eighteen days that we spent in Tahrir Square, he used to sleep daily in the square despite ill health and old age!
We left today, a member of the intellectual community, a fighter and a beautiful artist.
He concluded: May God have mercy on you, Professor Khaled, you will always be alive with your works and struggles, ”according to the“ Fi El Fan ”website.

The late artist was suffering from Parkinson’s, which prevented him from communicating with his friends through social networking sites, so he wrote last September: “My friends, my friends, excuse me, Parkinson’s messes with my fingers and prevents her from reaching what I want. I have tried many times.

It is worth noting that Khaled Hamza has hundreds of cinematic, dramatic, theatrical and literary works, acting, authoring and directing.

He is a left-wing activist, and is considered one of the first to form the Kifaya al-Masry movement to resist inheritance, and his biography is published in the “Min Tales of a Life” encyclopedia.

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