The death of Safaa Sultan’s father, and she mourns him with emotion

Syrian actress, Safaa Sultan was saddened by her father’s death.

And he announced the news on his account via Instagram, where he posted a photo of himself accompanied by his deceased father, accompanying it with the following comment: “O God, forgive my father, forgive his misdeeds, have mercy on him with your mercy, honor his resting place, beautify his house, and cleanse him from sins and transgressions.”

And he continued: “Oh God, my father desperately needed your mercy, and you are indispensable to his torment, so include him with your mercy and prevent your torment .. Oh God, my​​ father has become under your protection, and is now in the string of your neighborhood, so save him from the test of the grave, protect him from the torment of hell, and make him among the people of Heaven and mercy.

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