The death of Prince Philip and its impact on the British monarchy

It will probably be difficult for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II without the support of her husband, Prince Philip, whom she relied on during their 73-year life together, but analysts say she is unlikely to abdicate, the Guardian reported. from BTA.

Former British Prime Minister John Major has acknowledged that Elizabeth’s role as monarch is a “rather lonely position”. “There are a limited number of people to whom she can really open her heart, with whom she can really speak completely frankly, to whom she can say things that other people would divulge and who would be perceived as indecisive,” he told the BB Si.

Royal experts reject speculation that after Philip’s death, the queen could consider abdicating. “One of the main reasons the queen is precluded from abdicating is that, unlike other European monarchs, she is an anointed queen,” royal historian Hugo Vickers told the Guardian, referring to the oath she took before God at his coronation. “And when you are an anointed queen, you do not abdicate,” he said.

In addition, Elizabeth celebrates her platinum anniversary next year. “It would be completely illogical to abdicate just before this extraordinary anniversary,” Vickers said.

Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Joe Little said he thought Philip’s death, as severe as it was for Elizabeth, was unlikely to affect her role as monarch. “I think that despite the fact that she is now a widow, and she will soon turn 95, things will largely go on as usual,” he said. “I think it’s in her DNA. It can also be traced back in time not only to her speech in South Africa in 1947, but more specifically to her oath at the coronation. She is a devout Christian. “It’s a contract she’s made with God that I think she can’t break. She’s just like that,” Little said.

Queen Elizabeth said Prince Philip’s death left a “huge gap” in her life, and one of her sons, Prince Andrew, said Britain had lost “the nation’s grandfather”, the Times reported.

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The monarchy is in two weeks of royal mourning. The national mourning will continue until Saturday, when Philip’s funeral is, the publication points out.

Buckingham Palace’s announcement that Prince Harry intends to return to Britain for his grandfather’s funeral has sparked speculation as to whether it could help mend relations with the royal family or cause even more discord, the New York Times reported.

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