The death of Firas Ibrahim’s mother while he mourns her with touching words

The Syrian actor, Firas Ibrahim, was saddened by the death of his mother yesterday evening, after a long illness.

Ibrahim announced the news in a post on his Facebook account, where he wrote: “My mother is under God’s protection. Praise be to God for everything.”

Immediately, the comments of the followers poured in, who consoled Ibrahim and wished that God would inspire him to be patient with this painful affliction.

For her part, the Syrian actress, Sulaf Fawakherji, posted on her Facebook account a picture of Firas Ibrahim and his late mother, and attached it to the following comment: “My dear friend Firas, you were kind, caring, and a father to your mother. She left with all satisfaction in her heart, and there is no greater victory, for her pure soul, mercy and peace May you and your family live long and be patient.

As for the Syrian actress, Amal Arafa, she comforted Ibrahim in a post on Facebook, in which she said: “My great condolences to the friend, the star Firas Ibrahim, on the death of his mother. May God have mercy on her and give you patience.”

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