The daughter of Roberta Ragusa, Alessia Logli, speaks: “I still believe in my father’s innocence”

27 September 2020 22:58

The interview with “Live – Non è la dʼUrso”: “I hope my mother is still alive”

“I still believe in my father’s innocence, I think it was a mistake.” Alessia Logli speaks thus to “Live – It’s not the d’Urso”, commenting on the alleged murder of his mother, Roberta Ragusa, for which the girl’s husband and father, Antonio, is currently in prison.

“Fortunately I have a strong character – says Alessia, nineteen today with the dream of being a model -. I had a thousand thoughts, if I knew what happened I would already be with my mother. I was very attached to her and I hope she is still alive”. Alessia then spoke of the upcoming wedding between her father and Sara Calzolaio: “Initially it was not easy to accept it. But she was close to me and I needed a female figure: missing a mother, she tried to help me grow as best she could. I love her now. I am happy to marry: if my father is happy, I am happy for him. “

And again, on the death of the mother: “Until I have concrete proof that she is dead, I will always believe in my heart that she is alive and that she can come back to me one day”


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