The date for the Bolivia match against Argentina today, Tuesday, and the transport channels

The Argentine national team, led by Lionel Messi, is a heavy guest over his counterpart Bolivia, Tuesday evening, in the match between the two teams at the “Hernando Siles” stadium, as part of the South American Football World Cup qualifiers, and Argentina ranks fourth in the ranking of the teams with 3 points, while Bolivia is in 10th and last place with no points.

The date for the Bolivia match against Argentina today

The Bolivia match against Argentina will be held at ten o’clock in the evening Cairo time and will be broadcast on a channel beIN SPORT HD 2

Argentina managed to achieve its first victory in the opening of the qualifiers against Ecuador with an unanswered goal, which came with the feet of star Leo Messi.

The Argentine Tango in this meeting is striving with all its strength to win, and to continue collecting points in order to advance more on the table of the ranking of the teams, in order to stay among the elders to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

As for the Bolivian national team, it lost in the opening match against Brazil by five without a response, and this is a heavy result for him, so he must achieve a positive result in order to correct the course.

Lionel Messi and his companions suffer from uncontrollable factors, as the geography and the special nature of the Latin country always cause problems for the Albiceleste, and the “Hernando Celis” stadium in the Bolivian capital has witnessed several stumbling blocks for Messi’s comrades.

The stadium at an altitude of 3640 meters above sea level and the severe shortage of oxygen that it causes, the latter becomes a lethal weapon for the owners of the land who compensate for the lack of technical capabilities with the factor of land and weather.

Although in the previous 36 matches between the two countries, Argentina had won 26 and only seven for Bolivia, but five of those victories took place in the capital La Paz, the most famous of which was Messi’s first time there.


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