The dark reds Vidin and Sliven closed students, Montana banned weddings

Schools and mass events are the first to be affected by the tightening of measures on the ground. PHOTO: 24 HOURS

The incidence in Sofia is over 500

There were 50,000 active cases in the country

The anti-epidemic restrictions are introduced by the areas that have entered the dark red zone with more than 500 patients per 100,000 population.

However, the first measures are aimed at schools and theaters.

Students from 5th to 12th grade in Sliven, Nova Zagora, Kotel and Tvarditsa go on rotation and will alternate with online training from today, announced the head of RHI-Sliven, Dr. Petya Balulova. There are 31 classes in the quarantined area, and in recent days alone, 60 students and 30 teachers have been diagnosed with COVID. For now, they will attend the 4th grade in all four cities and all in the small settlements where there were no sick children and teachers. Kindergartens remain open.

All public events of public and private nature will be terminated, and almost all events for the holiday of Sliven – October 26 – will be canceled, said the mayor of the city Stefan Radev.

They are still closing

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In the markets, traffic will be one-way, and in front of gyms and malls there will be controls to stop visibly ill customers. Visits to hospitals and social homes, as well as sports competitions, are also stopped.

The aim is to limit the spread of the virus and prevent increasing pressure on hospitals. These are measures in the name of the health and life of our children and parents, colleagues and all relatives, said the regional governor Mincho Afuzov.

As of today, the students in Vidin are also rotated, where organized events are also suspended. The district passed into the dark red zone a few days ago, and the proposals for tightening the measures were sent to the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev on Thursday.

Currently, more than 70 people are accommodated in the St. Petka Hospital, and if necessary, patients are ready to be accommodated in the building of the old infectious diseases ward, whose bed capacity is for 30 patients.

Last week, Gabrovo introduced a rotation in schools.

Weddings, baptisms, private events, excursions and visits to hospitals and social homes are also banned in Montana until October 21. There the incidence is 524 patients per 100 thousand people.

The group classes in the training centers are also stopped – language, dance, music schools, visits to gyms and spas. Cinemas and theaters will operate at 30%. Group trips with organized transport, congresses, conferences, seminars, competitions, trainings and other public events, as well as all mass events such as festivals, fairs, folklore initiatives are suspended. Mass indoor and outdoor sports events are stopped, except for those included in the annual state sports calendar, but without an audience.

Decisions to undergo online training will be made locally according to morbidity.


the measures are taken

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Pernik and


where there are also many patients and the pressure on hospitals is greater. In Kardzha they will make a decision in the middle of this week, but at the moment the morbidity there is low and there is no need to tighten.

More than 50,000 active cases passed on Sunday. About 5,500 people are hospitalized and 470 are in the intensive care unit.

“Last week, the workload of hospitals ranged between 70-90%, which means that there is still some reserve, but the number of cases is very high. Almost every day we register over 2000 new cases. However, there is a detention in the number of hospitalized, including those in the intensive care unit, which is a good indicator, “said Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev to Nova TV.

Sofia is already among the districts in dark red. The introduction of measures in the capital will be discussed this week.



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