The Dark Knight trilogy is now out of production


Director Christopher Nolan does not think the Dark Knighttrilogy could have been made nowadays. According to him, the creative freedom he was given in making the films was only possible because film studios had not yet focused too much on superhero films.

The trilogy is thematically quite heavy, but very strong and well received. From Warner Bros. Nolan was not only given a budget of just under $ 200 million, but also creative freedom. The last Dark Knightfilm came out eight years ago, in a completely different film climate.

Not possible anymore
Nolan said during an interview that he got the creative freedom he got while making the Dark Knighttrilogy, now no longer expected and will not get anymore. But that freedom was desperately needed when he made the films.

“One advantage we had then is that you could take more time between sequels. When we made Batman Begins, we didn’t know we were going to make another one and take three years to do that, and then four years for the next We had the luxury of time. It didn’t feel like a machine, a commercial machine for the studio. As the genre becomes more successful, so does the pressure. It was just the perfect time to make this. “

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