The dangers of excessive exercise for the body

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Regular exercise is good for health and fitness, but if it is done excessively it will have the opposite effect.

dr. Grace Joselini Corlesa, MMRS., Sp.KO, a sports medicine specialist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, said that exercise must be done with the right dose and everyone has different needs for the intensity.

“Everyone is different if being excessive is not good or over training. We also can’t keep up with other people’s pace, that’s why if I prescribe a sport the target is not how many kilos but the target is pulse and time, “said Dr. Grace in the forum” Move Active and Optimally “.

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Excessive exercise can have a negative impact on health. Some of the characteristics of excessive exercise include a racing heart despite not exercising, frequent fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood swings and frequent injuries.

dr. Grace also mentioned several other characteristics of someone who is overly exercising, namely menstrual disorders, frequent malaise, drastic weight loss, depression and weakened immune system.

“Body pain, dehydration, tendon inflammation, sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, frequent colds and heart problems or arrhythmias,” said dr. Grace.

If you start experiencing symptoms due to excessive exercise, dr. Grace suggests reducing the frequency of exercise immediately. In addition, it is sufficient to consume healthy food and drinking water.

“Stop exercising first, pause first, consult, not stop completely but reduce or change the type of exercise. Then the frequency is reduced, enough rest time, rest is also part of sports and most importantly analysis from doctors,” said the former doctor of the AFF women’s national football team. that.

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Reporter: Maria Cicilia
Editor: Maria Rosari Dwi Putri

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