The dangerous kettle can be switched on without water, there is a risk of it melting

It is a black-silver kettle of the Activer brand with a volume of 1.8 liters, type 14018051 / A16211 originating from the Czech Republic. It can be purchased in a paper package, which states in addition to the type designation:, EAN 8591022449233.

The Activer ordered the kettle to be withdrawn from the market.


„During use, due to the accidental closing of an empty kettle, if the thermal protection does not work, the plastic cover of the lower part of the kettle and its base may melt. This will expose live parts of the product with a dangerous voltage of 230 V. If the user accidentally touches these parts, the user may be seriously injured or killed by electric shock, ”said the inspectorate, which ordered the dangerous product to be withdrawn from the market.

The product was reported to the contact point at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and information about it was published in the RAPEX system.


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