the danger of baïnes described to summertime readers all through the summertime

With 500 users, the association of seaside guides has arranged coaching periods for summer time website visitors, youthful and aged, from a couple several hours to five times, to permit them to greater recognize the ocean and the hazards it can conceal, especially the baïnes .

A natural phenomenon

“It is a purely natural phenomenon, remembers Michel Bourricaud, with the wind, the wave movement moves the sandbanks. This results in depressions which, on the surface area, give the impression of relaxed drinking water, even though under there is a ton of current going into the sea. “

In their schooling the Tub Guides discover that you shouldn’t consider to battle this recent. “Even fantastic swimmers get tired hoping to get back again to the seaside,” carries on Michel Bourricaud. Conversely, you have to swim perpendicular to the existing until finally you obtain the waves and you can swim typically towards the seashore. “

This implies trying to keep your clarity and not panicking. To prevent this condition, it is adequate to swim in the licensed part, defined by the coastal rescuers through the surveillance. They all know the ocean and can conveniently decide wherever the bays are and wherever it is secure to swim.

“Staying taken in a lavatory can be traumatic for a victim,” suggests Damien Esbiel. He joined the English seaside guides at the age of 8 and is now a coastal lifeguard at Ocean Beach. “But even for us it is a complicated procedure to conserve a human being in a lavatory. We use our rope to provide it again, but from time to time we have to intervene with the jet ski. “

Nevertheless, Damien Esbiel thinks that the comprehensive information disseminated by the media and information panels established up on the shorelines have a constructive effect. “I have the perception that more and a lot more persons know that you should not go to the toilets. But there are however uninformed men and women. “

With CM2 pupils

“We are consistently named to intervene outside of surveillance hours,” provides the youthful coastal rescuer. We remain current in the perimeter of the beach for a number of several hours right after surveillance closes, owing to people today bathing late and not essentially informed of the situation. “

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