The damage cancels further shifts. Due to the lack of chips, the shutdown before the mass holiday will begin

Before the mass holiday at Škoda Auto, which is planned for the first two weeks of August, a number of other shifts will be canceled. The summer shutdown of production will begin before the holiday. The main reason is the lack of parts, said the weekly Škodovácký odborář.

The company also needs to free up production halls for scheduled maintenance. “For all canceled shifts beyond the date of collective leave, the KOVO unions negotiated an obstacle on the part of the employer with a wage compensation of 85 percent of the average wage,” said Jaroslav Povšík, chairman of the works council. Extraordinary annual bonuses, for example, are included in the average wage.

In the last week of July, ie in the week before the group holiday, several innings will be canceled in all three Czech races. The production shutdown in Mladá Boleslav is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon shift in most operations, production will stop on Wednesday at 22:00 on MBI, MBII lines, MBI and MBII welding shops and in paint shop B. In paint shop A, production will end in the night shift on Thursday .

Even in Kvasiny, the cessation of production before the holidays is planned for Wednesday afternoon shift. Shifts are canceled in the last week of July in Vrchlabí.

Production of cars in Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny will begin after a mass holiday night shift from Sunday to Monday 16 August. In some other operations and exchange systems, the start of production differs. The unions anticipate that production will continue to be limited in some plants.

Due to the lack of chips that the carmaker uses for on-board electronics, production almost stopped for two weeks at the turn of June and July. During the outage, employees received a wage compensation of 85 percent of the average salary. The damage disrupted some shifts in production even before.

The chips are used by car manufacturers in on-board electronics; not only Škoda Auto has a problem, but all world car manufacturers. Demand for chips exceeds supply, and chip production has been complicated by, among other things, winter snowstorms in Texas, where large chip makers have had to stop or reduce production. The coronavirus pandemic is also affected by chip deficiency.

Škoda must maintain its internal combustion engines for a longer period of time, but diesels will continue to decline, says Martin Jahn, a member of the board of directors of the largest domestic carmaker. | Video: Daniela Písařovicová



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