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The successful small electric city car (over 100,000 units sold in two years!) gave birth to an unexpectedly practical utility variant, basically a small van that… Ok, I’ll wait until you laugh.

Spring Cargo is a small but unexpectedly practical utility vehicle.

Hahaha, they say it’s a van!!!

You will be surprised, but not everyone needs a huge ship for their business, which can fit several pallets full of goods or materials. There are also a number of delivery companies operating in the urban environment, for which this small and undemanding car can be completely sufficient and suit them.

How does the Dacia Cargo differ from the personal Spring?

The basic difference is that the Cargo is a two-seater, the rear seats have given way to a cargo area separated from the front passenger area by grilles. The back pair of doors, however, remained normally functional, they have glass, and even electric closing.

From the outside, you can safely recognize the Cargo by the absence of (false) roof rails and side protective/decorative elements in the doors in body color.

The personal version of the Spring Extreme is a better-looking and more nimble variant.

Wait, what do you mean?

Delivery of purchases or meals, express delivery of parcels or small craftsmen – these are just the first ideas, there are certainly more ways to use them. The electric Spring Cargo meets them with cheap and trouble-free operation.

A Europallet will not fit here, but the 1000 liters of space will be more than enough for delivery companies.

Slowly, slowly. How cheap?

A novelty of the version with a new identity is the opening of the cover of the charging socket to the side. The charging performance is not dizzying, but it is enough for a small battery. In addition, one full charge will only cost you about a hundred, so you are driving almost for free.

That’s great! And what did you mean by trouble-free operation?

Electric cars require virtually no service, no regular oil changes, brakes don’t wear much, etc. So you only go to the service center once a year for a routine inspection and usually only to change the cabin filter. In addition, the constant starting and warming up of a cold engine (typical for urban use) together with short driving distances, often in the environment of congested city streets with frequent gear changes, wears out cars with an internal combustion engine at a faster rate, electric cars, on the contrary, happily roar in such conditions. We spent almost half a year with our personal Spring and it didn’t want anything from us except for regular charging.

The maintenance of an electric car is almost effortless, and the service is inexpensive. What better could you ask for in a work tool?

Well, that’s nice, but it’s also woefully slow and won’t go anywhere

But that doesn’t matter at all in a (sub)urban environment – driving speeds are low (Spring Cargo achieves them quite briskly) and driving distances are short (so approx. 200 km of effective driving range is more than enough for an entire shift). We also complained about the weaker equipment and quality of workmanship with the personal Spring, but this does not matter at all for a work car. You still have, for example, electric windows, air conditioning (heats really quickly in winter) or infotainment (which you will probably use mainly to connect with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay).

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Spring Cargo is heavy from a global perspective, but it can drive quite nimbly in and around the city. The more than 200 km range is more than enough for one work shift.

Okay, but now for the key question: How much can this little thing actually carry?

Spring Cargo has two seats and the cargo space is separated by a grid. The maximum volume of the entire space is 1,000 liters, the length of the loading area is 1,172 mm and the width between the wheel arches is 931 mm, the maximum load capacity is a completely sufficient 358 kg – and four court eyes are also available.

Access to the cargo space is also possible through the side doors. They surprisingly have electric windows. On the other hand, the lack of space to store charging cables is a bit frustrating, you will have to carry them loosely or you can squeeze them behind the front seats.

So the Europalette…

No, it really won’t fit inside, just like scaffolding pipes, fridges or IKEA furniture. You’ll need an actual van for that. But various small boxes and bags, or a warming box for food, can be accommodated in the cargo space of the Spring Cargo without any problems.

It almost looks like you liked this car!

It makes perfect sense for the intended use. Just as the personal Spring is a great city car (perhaps even for car-sharing companies), the Spring Cargo is the perfect small city delivery van – its drivers will love the ease of driving (no waiting for the ideal revs, no shifting and no noise, just the steering wheel, two pedals and instant electric pull and a quiet, smooth ride) and easy parking (thanks to the small dimensions and “electric” brand), operators will in turn praise the low-cost operation with no breakdowns while spending time in the service.

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Dacia offers the Spring Cargo in a single trim with a price tag of CZK 538,400 (including VAT), where you only pay extra for multimedia infotainment with a parking camera (CZK 12,500) and DC charging 30 kW (CZK 15,000), or for charging accessories or an extended warranty – Dacia offers a standard warranty of 3 years / 100,000 km for the car and 8 years / 120,000 km for the traction battery.

Motor asynchronous electric motor mounted on the front axle
Performance 33 kW (45 hp)
Torque 125 Nm
Transmission permanent reduction gear
Tree front wheels
Standby weight 935 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 19,1 s
Maximal speed 125 km/h
Arrival 230 km
Battery capacity 27,4 kWh
Charging AC 6.6 kW, DC 30 kW
Wheels and tires 165/70 R14
Dimensions (length/width/height) 3 734/1 579/1 516 mm
Wheelbase 2 423 mm
Cargo space volume 1 000 l

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