The Czechs got a taste in the sprint, even though David’s last shot came out of the top ten

At the Biathlon World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech women made at least a little forget about a botched relay race in the 7.5 km race. Markéta Davidová missed the target with the last shot, but that deprived her of the top ten. However, the 12th place with a gap of twenty-three seconds in the medal position is a solid starting position for Sunday’s fighter. Lucie Charvátová could also be satisfied, finishing 17th in the season. The 27th Jessica Jislová could also enjoy the points in the finish. The ninth championship of the season was celebrated in yellow by the Norwegian Noril Tiril Eckhoff, although, unlike her colleagues on the podium, she did not have a clean shot.

Luboš Pavlíček, ČTK

David lacked the former energy on skis, this time it didn’t run on the track as she used to. She tried even harder on the shooting range. “I clicked well while lying down. But I had the last blow of the stand very high, a completely unnecessary mistake. In addition, I’m not at all happy with the course, I lost and I don’t really know why. With the number one from shooting, I would like to be better, “said Davidová, who was almost ten seconds slower on skis than compatriot Charvátová.

Bronze from last year’s World Championships in this discipline, when shooting both lying down and standing up, always missed the target with only the first shot and was the fastest in the Czech Quartet. “As I suffer at the shooting range this year, it was decent for me. After those five penalty rounds in the relay, I got a taste. The track was holding and the skis were running, so for me a decent portion of points is a good encouragement and we will see how I end up in Sunday’s fighter, where there are only four items, “Charvátová said.

Jessica Jislová did a bad run for the relay, and for her, the sprint was also an opportunity to improve the impression and it worked out. “As I rode to the end of the race, the track was already cleared and it was difficult, but I’m really happy for the points,” she said. Eva Puskarčíková also got into the fighter from 49th place. all the more sorry for the two mistakes on the shooting range, because I should be able to put the items clean, “she thought.

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Biathlon World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě – 7.5 km for women
1. Eckhoff (Norway) 18: 48.4 (1)
2. Djimova (Ukraine) +9.3 (0)
3. Vittozzi (Italy) +15.0 (0)
4. Alimbekova (Belarus) +16.1 (0)
5. Wierer (Italy) +16.3 (1)
6. Tandrevold (Norway) +17.4 (0)
7. Röiseland (Norway) +18.5 (2)
8. Preuss (Germany) +25.1 (1)
12. Davidová (CZE) +38.1 (1)
17. Charvátová (CZE) +45.7 (2)
27. Jislová (CZE) +1: 14.7 (2)
49. Puskarčíková (CZE) +1: 50.3 (2)
World Cup status
1. Eckhoff (Norway) 863
2. Röiseland (Norway) 795
3. H. Öberg (Sweden) 770
4. Hauser (Austria) 682
5. Wierer (Italy) 679
6. Preuss (Germany) 672
7. Chevalier-Bouchet (France) 557
8. Alimbekova (Belarus) 546
9. Davidová (CZE) 530
53. Charvátová (CZE) 61
62. Puskarčíková (CZE) 44
65. Jislová (CZE) 35


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