The Czechia is ranked among the seven most risky countries in Europe

The ECDC has expressed great concern about the development of the covid-19 epidemic in seven European countries. In addition to the Czech Republic, Spain and Croatia, there are also Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Malta.

The center stated that in these countries there is “an increasing number of hospitalized and serious cases” and “an increasing or high number of victims is or will be observed”.

In another thirteen countries, an increase in the number of infections is observed, especially among young people, who are less at risk of developing severe symptoms. These countries include France and the United Kingdom. Due to developments in recent days, most of these countries “now seem to meet the criteria for being among the countries with highly worrying trends”, as the number of infected people from the elderly population is also growing. This group also includes Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Belgium and Sweden.

ECDC Director Andrea Ammonová


The last third group of countries is considered stable with “low” risk to the general population and moderate to vulnerable. This group includes Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Cyprus and Norway.

The ECDC noted that in the EU, “the vulnerability of the population remains high, as data on seroprevalence (presence of antibodies to covid-19) show that the level of immunity in the population is less than 15 percent in most areas of the EU and the UK”.

“Most people can be constantly infected,” said Andrea Ammon, ECDC’s director. “In many countries, and not just in Spain, we are seeing a high traffic right now due to private gatherings, large family dinners, weddings and joint meetings where you are with family and friends.” This decision should be made on an individual basis as to whether compliance measures are respected in society.

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