The Czechia is heading to level four! The PES has risen again, definitely this time?

The Czech Republic has been consistently at 57 in the PES system of the Ministry of Health since 23 November. On Saturday, however, the number changed for the first time to 59. A few hours later, however, the ministry said it was a system error.

“The PES risk index remains at 57. Some laboratories did not report the test results until the morning and these were not reflected in the automatic midnight update. This led to a premature increase in the relative positivity of the tests, resulting in two extra points. In order not to repeat the situation, the PES update was set every day until 6:30, “the ministry said on Saturday.

On Sunday, the update really took place later, after seven o’clock in the morning. But the result was the same. The PES score rose to 59. At 8 o’clock, however, the ministry stated that it was working on adding data. According to the office, the reason is the incompleteness of the reported data from the laboratories.

The situation is worse in the regions. For example, the Ústí nad Labem region climbed from a score of 57 to 74 in a few days. Even one day was enough for the Karlovy Vary region to deteriorate from 54 to 68.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Health, it is enough for the PES score to be in a worse degree three days and the whole republic may be moved to a worse category. In level four, shops, restaurants and services would be closed again.

Minister for Health Jan Blatný (for YES) but stated that moving to a worse degree is not an obligation. “The index will not be used as a robotic system, the evaluation of the epidemic situation and the setting of measures will always be carried out by people – experts,” the minister said at the introduction of the system.

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However, the Prime Minister spoke more clearly Andrej Babiš (YES). “If we get to zone number 4, Minister Blatný has already announced that he will not debate the procedure,” Babiš said in an interview for the website.

Former Minister of Health Roman Prymula but he does not think that the Czechia will move to level four by Christmas. “Politically, I can’t imagine that it would close until Christmas. After that, however, the effort will certainly correct the increases again,” Prymula told MF Dnes.

The Czechs threw themselves into the shops:


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