The Czechia is approaching a lockdown again. The government can hardly explain it to the people, says Prymula

According to the numbers in the coming days, it will be decided what will happen next, the minister said in a statement to a question from ČTK. Former health minister Roman Prymula told CNN Prima News that no improvement can be expected. According to Ladislav Dušek, director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (IHIS), the deterioration of the situation is not the result of the opening of shops and restaurants, which has not yet been able to manifest itself. He said it on Czech television.

“As I point out in the long run, the situation is fragile, which is why it is really important to follow the set measures. According to the numbers in the coming days, we will decide what to do next.

According to him, the increase is due to two factors, namely a slight increase in the relative share of positive cases and an increase in the reproduction number. “The current value of R is equal to 1.02. The increase above one is therefore very small, only two hundredths. Let’s persevere and not slow down in responsible behavior,” the minister added.

According to the director of ÚZIS Duška, the value will oscillate around 60 points, he expected an increase in the reproduction number to 1. “In no case can it be the effect of the release, this is a phenomenon that we have observed from the previous roughly seven to ten days. In such a short time, the release could not have caused any dramatic effect,” Dušek told ČT.

If the PES index falls into a lower or higher band, this does not automatically mean a change in the measure. For improvement, seven days must remain in the lower band, for deterioration three days. But the government must always decide on change. The fourth degree ranges from 61 to 75 points.

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Former health minister and epidemiologist Prymula told CNN Prima News that the situation could not be expected to improve in the coming days. According to him, it will be difficult for the government to explain the tightening again. “When you instill hope in people by loosening it, it is difficult to tighten measures in such a short time,” he said.


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