The Czechia cannot provide a flu vaccine. Not even for seniors

“Our doctor apologized for not getting any vaccine and that she probably won’t,” Poláček told Práva. The doctor advised him to try Avenier, which distributes the vaccine to doctors and also offers it commercially.

“There they told me not to call until the end of September, when vaccination began, and I would be on the waiting list. When I tried it now, the answering machine told me that there was no vaccine anymore, “the senior lamented.

He then looked for the vaccine in pharmacies and on the Internet, but did not go. According to Procházka, it is also striking that even though he is a senior over the age of 65, who has free vaccinations by law, he would have to pay for it at a private company.

“It’s upside down. We are entitled to free flu vaccinations, but it is not available anywhere, and if I get it from a commercial company that does not have a contract with VZP, it will not reimburse me, because according to them I should get it for free, “added the senior.
VZP spokesman Vlastimil Sršeň also admits the problems, as he contributes 200 crowns to the vaccine for patients under 65 years of age. “In this case, we cannot reimburse the vaccine, because the law does not allow us to do so, because the senior is entitled to the vaccine free of charge,” Sršeň told Práva.

Get vaccinated, says the ministry, even though he knows it’s nothing

The Ministry of Health also admits the lack of the flu vaccine, calling on people, and especially the elderly, to be vaccinated against the flu because they fear the concurrence of the flu epidemic and the coronavirus pandemic.

Deputy Minister of Health Alena Šteflová stated that in the spring, when the vaccine is in common demand, they ordered 800,000 doses, now they have increased the order to 870,000. “Half of the vaccines are already in the Czech Republic and are distributed to medical facilities and vaccination centers,” said Šteflová. And why are there few now? According to Šteflová, the state will order from a foreign manufacturer what doctors and centers will say in the spring.

Little is expected

“We appealed to doctors to order doses for their patients, because unfortunately the production of vaccines is based on orders from states,” Šteflová remarked.

She added that the problem is that there is generally little vaccination in the Czech Republic. In Europe, an average of 20 percent of people get the vaccine, in our country it is only about seven percent. “Last year we even devalued thousands of doses because there was no interest,” the deputy added.

According to the chairman of the Association of General Practitioners Petr Šonka, it is possible that the vaccine will be missing somewhere. “No one could expect much higher interest. This will pay off mainly for surgeries that did not order it in advance and calculated that the vaccine would be on the market as every year. But now it is not due to panic due to a pandemic, “Šonka told Práva.

Patients are advised to ask the doctor for a vaccine, who can contact their association, to recommend a doctor who still has the vaccine. As a doctor who practices in the Pilsen Region, he has bought enough vaccines and can still offer them to patients.

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