The Czech sci-fi smells of embarrassment, Neužil is afraid. However, he also joined the Renewal Point with Hádek or Dobrý – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the screenplay by Tomislav Čečka and Zdeněk Jecelín, people are given the opportunity to return to life in 2041 after death – those who die an unnatural death can come to life again thanks to insurance. The victims of murders or accidents get a second chance. But there is one catch: The brain needs to be backed up every forty-eight hours.

Security at the expense of freedom?

“It depends on the scales if you have, or you can interfere with God’s system at all, or whatever you call it,” notes Václav Neužil. Although the story takes place in the future, it deals with topics that also concern current discussions. It addresses ethics, security and digital identity. “The film finds out what changes it is bringing to society. As people lose their freedom, they may gain a sense of security. And what is more important, “explains director Robert Hloz.

The Renewal Point is a feature debut for director, cinematographer Filip Marek and lead actress Andrea Mohylová. As an ambitious forensic scientist, her task is to solve the murder of one of the authors of the revolutionary technology, the so-called recovery.

Matěj Hádek, Karel Dobrý, Milan Ondrík, Iveta Dušková or Václav Neužil will also appear in a negative role in the cast. The planned novelty is his first acting experience with the sci-fi genre. “When we say science fiction and Czechs or agents and Czech actors, it smells awkward, because it doesn’t have such a history here,” he fears. “But I see the cameraman and the director firmly in hand – they know exactly what they want, even visually,” he adds.

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