The Czech Republic went on foot to Istanbul. She arrived there after more than a quarter of a year

Only 21-year-old Czech Nicolette Havlová set out on a more than 2,000-kilometer journey on foot at the beginning of June and alone, accompanied by her female Svili. After more than three months, the girl with Svili arrived at the finish line on Sunday. This is the largest Turkish city in Istanbul.

Only with a backpack on his back and a female Svili by her side. Likewise, 21-year-old Nicolette Havel traveled on foot to Istanbul, where she arrived on Sunday. “It’s there, dear!” announced the girl with joy on social networks.

But before the young Czech managed to reach the finish line, six more countries had to pass. She visited Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and part of Greece. All for a good cause.

Nicolette Havel went on her pilgrimage to support the Romanian Banat region. And not only with the financial collection she organized, but also with her presence. It is in Romania that the Czech community is located, which is one of the most authentic in the world, but at the same time is on the verge of extinction.

Girl in one of the Czech villages in the Romanian Banat:

“For some time I guided tourists around Romania, which is very close to me with its mentality and unspoiled nature, so I’ve been playing with the idea of ​​going there on my own for a long time,” she explained to the website. Our REGION Nicolette your motivation.

“It was interesting and strange to arrive somewhere where Czech is spoken after such a long walk. But I immediately felt at home. Those people are warm and look at me like Czechs. It felt like I was going somewhere in a more remote Czech village before 50 years or something. People live there like in the days of our grandmothers, they take cows to graze in the morning, they have to feed the hens, take care of the building. When you are there as a tourist, you don’t mess with the things around. To live there must be really challenging, “Nicolette described her visit to the Banat site Our REGION.

The girl’s journey did not go without complications – they were mainly medical. In Serbia, Nicolette even ended up in hospital, where she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Her father then transported her to the Czech Republic. However, Nicolette did not give up her trip and after a short break she decided to return to Serbia and continue on her way.

Now Nicolette plans to go back to the Czech Republic. He intends to use his favorite hitchhiking this time.



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