The Czech Republic is threatened by a massive blackout. It leaked what happens at such a moment, it’s not nice at all

The current situation is mainly characterized by high energy prices. There is probably no one who does not take care of it anymore, and it seems that at least for the moment a certain solution has been found that will help to bridge the difficult period. It is mainly about limiting prices.

It could actually come

But another problem appears. And this is related to the question of what would happen if suddenly there was no electricity. At the same time, this is a situation with which we have practically no company in modern society, if we leave aside the power outages for a few tens of minutes, which are more of a technicality. But many are already nervous even in such a situation.

Now imagine that the power goes out for a few hours or even days. Nobody will know what is happening and when and if it will be fixed. as the German server RND points out, in Europe this is already seen as a very real possibility, for which managers and authorities are starting to prepare.

Although we perceive the power grid as robust, it is actually very fragile and its great functionality is mainly due to the fact that it is supervised every second by hundreds of experts. However, its susceptibility deepens the link with other countries that are conducting various experiments, such as switching to renewable sources without sufficient security from conventional ones.

EU authorities are currently counting on the fact that there may be a blackout affecting only a small number of member states, but there may also be one that disables most of the entire group in this regard.

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What would happen

If one or a few states are interested, other countries are expected to provide them with electricity soon. It would be worse if more countries were hit, so strategic reserves would have to be tapped. In that case, the Czech crisis plan would also be activated. He must be prepared for such a situation.

This plan includes a priority for electricity to reach families and key infrastructure. Conversely, some activities may be disconnected from it for a longer period of time.

Experts point out that the Czech Republic has enough electricity. Germany is currently the most vulnerable in this respect. After the dramatic rise in the price of gas, people started buying direct heaters. If everyone plugs them in and charges their electric cars too, there is a very real risk of blackout. However, it is a question whether the neighboring system, namely the Czech system, can also be rejected.

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