The cyclist Mulano wins second in the San Juan tour of Argentina

Today, the Emirates team scored its third victory in the San Juan tour in Argentina, where the Colombian Sebastian Mulano managed to win second place in the sixth stage of the round, which was won by his rival Zdenek Stiaber (Quick Step), where the latter managed to overcome the main group in the last kilometer From the race. Brandon McNally also managed to maintain the fourth position, and is now looking to achieve a good result in the last stage, which will be held tomorrow on a flat path with a length of 141.3 km, that begins and ends in San Juan, where we are expected to witness an enthusiastic final race between riders specialized in speed racing.

Commenting on his victory, Sebastian Mulano said: “As we reached the last high before the finish line, we realized that it was our chance to kick-start my offensive performance. The team gave me enough support to be able to reach the best possible position, and I realized that I was suitable for this race and that I had the strength to race , But I was unable to get past Steybar’s opponents at the finish line. “

For his part, Ricciese said: “We had two options as we reached the last climbing distance, and we knew that this part of the race would see many riders launching an offensive performance. Our team was ready to lead Fernando, while Mulano’s mission was to counter the attacking performance of the riders, including Stiebbar, who went into a powerful offensive performance and Mulano tried hard to reach and pass, but he finally managed to snatch the victory. Tomorrow we will make our utmost efforts to try to win the race.

Stage 6 results
Zdenek Stiebar (Quick Step) 03:56:51
Sebastian Mulano (Emirates Team)
Rudi Barbier (ISU Nation)

General classification results
Remco Evinboil (Quick Step) 20:15:56
Filippo Ghana (Italy) +33 “
Oskan Sevia (Medellin) +1: 01 “
Brandon McNally (Emirates Team) +1: 21 “


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