The cycling adventure “SEASON: A letter to the future” will be released in Japanese on January 31 next year. A journey to record the final season


Developer Scavengers Studio announced on December 9 that the adventure game “SEASON: A letter to the future]It will be released on January 31, 2023. Supported platforms are PC (Steam Store/Epic Games)/PS4/PS5. Due to the time zone difference, the PC version will be released in Japan on February 1st. The game supports Japanese audio and subtitles.

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“SEASON: A letter to the future” is an adventure game that takes you on a cycling journey. In the world of this work, a season is an era, and every time a season ends, a mysterious catastrophe occurs that sweeps everything away. And as another season draws to a close, the protagonist, Estelle, leaves her hometown to collect memories and record the present world.

In this job, the player rides his bike and explores the world. Estelle owns a camera and a recorder, so she can get off the bike wherever she wants and shoot and record. They take photos of the things they see and the places they see, and record the sounds and music they hear. The collected documents are summarized in Esther’s diary.

In addition, you will meet various people during your journey, and if you listen to their stories and show them the information you have gathered, you can gain important information and create moments of heart-to-heart communication. In doing so, he records the world, seeking answers to the mystery of “what is this season and why is it ending?”

“SEASONAL: A Letter to the Future”PS4/PS5The edition will be released on January 31, 2023 on PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) will be delivered on February 1, 2023. Pre-orders for the PS4/PS5 version have already started and the price is 4,389 yen. Additionally, a trial version is available for Steam/PS4/PS5.

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