The curtain falls for Judas Theater Productions after subsidies are cut: Sandrine closes the door for good with ‘Josephine B.’


The Flemish musical sector is getting a new blow, because Judas Theater Productions is throwing in the towel, now that the company no longer receives Flemish subsidies. Josephine B.with Sandrine Van Handenhoven in the title role, it will be goodbye.

Guy Van Vliet

Yesterday at 17:32

In its fifteen years of existence, Judas can present a solid track record. The Antwerp company brought artistically strong musical creations, including Lelies, Pauline & Paulette in The Muse Of Rubens† Judas has repeatedly won prizes and productions such as Goodbye, Norma Jeaneover Marilyn Monroe of The War of the Roses, can even be seen in more than ten countries. flopped a few years ago Everyone famous and since then Judas has opted for revivals of previous successes. It immediately became clear that survival without subsidies was hardly possible.

Last week Judas was told that it will not receive any new operating subsidies. And that immediately means the death blow for Judas, who says goodbye with the revival of a musical about Josephine Baker.

“The company has decided that Josephine B. will be the very last Judas musical. The last performance of . will be on December 8, 2022 Josephine B. played and on that day the curtain falls irrevocably. From then on, no new productions will be made,” announces Judas figurehead Sam Verhoeven.

Immense disappointment

“It is a great pity that there is no more room for the musical genre in the subsidized Flemish arts field”, Judas criticizes. “However, Judas has already been awarded a project subsidy four times in the past and structurally supported between 2013 and 2016. Despite a strong dossier and the general appreciation for the company, Judas was unable to convince the music theater committee and the final recommendation was negative. Flemish minister Jan Jambon followed the negative advice of the committee.”

The disappointment is immense, but despite the fact that the company has called it quits, Sam Verhoeven remains hopeful for the future of the Flemish musical. “The artistic core of Judas has always developed original musical productions with the greatest care and love for the genre. The final stop of Judas does not have to mean that there is no longer any room for original, small-scale, artistically high-quality musical creations. The current artistic core will continue to stimulate any valuable initiative”, assures Sam Verhoeven.

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