The current vaccination centers in Alsace “are capable of scaling up”

A vaccinodrome should open to Strasbourg, but not until June. How to explain this choice, when less than 13% of the population of Bas-Rhin has received a first dose to date, against 17% of Mosellans? “We have a very satisfactory number of vaccination centers in the department, Explain Adeline Jenner, regional delegate of the ARS in Bas-Rhin, and they are able to scale up to absorb the increase in deliveries in April and May. “

While the Bas-Rhin has received 10,000 doses of the vaccine Pfizer in March, the department will receive 25,000 in April and May, “a very real increase” and “confirmed”. These doses will also be used to reach the most vulnerable populations who are not necessarily able to travel or do not take the step to be vaccinated.

Adeline Jenner still recognizes “production and delivery hazards” for the vaccine AstraZeneca, which penalizes liberal doctors and pharmacists. She specifies that some general practitioners have the possibility of obtaining occasional supplies of Pfizer vaccine via vaccination centers, to cover patients they have identified as fragile.

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