the cross-border bus line is struggling to find its cruising speed

The parking lot (P + R) in Metzange has already caused much ink to flow. Co-financed with Luxembourg and the Val de Fensch agglomeration community, this 6.3 million euro facility, supported by the Portes de France-Thionville agglomeration community (CAPFT), offers 750 spaces for cross-border commuters who wish to travel to the Grand Duchy by bus or carpooling. This paid parking is a long-term alternative to the 400 spaces at Kinepolis, in Thionville, which was largely undersized before the first confinement. However, if, on paper, everything now seems to be working for the P + R of Metzange, the account is not there for travelers of the cross-border line 300 to Luxembourg financed by the Grand Duchy who denounce a reduction in services . “In one year, we have lost 34% of bus passes,” warns Gilles Wobedo, user and member of the Usag’ThiFensch collective. And the nurse explains: “With the new timetables, instead of taking a bus at 6:50 am, I have to leave at 5:00 am to be on duty at 7:30 am!” I have no choice but to take my car back. There are lots of people like me who have taken out an annual subscription and find themselves with a service that is no longer suited to their needs ”. At issue: the reorganization of line 300, now split into three new lines – 298, 299 and 300 – and which contributes to a loss of slots, notably via Thionville.

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“Faced with a fait accompli”

The timetable changes applied “without any consultation with user associations” are the subject of a relaunch of the petition initiated last March to demand more buses and which, at the time, had been partially taken into account. account by the competent Luxembourg authorities. For her part, the Deputy Director of the Luxembourg Public Transport Administration, Annick Trmata, was reassuring: “With lines 298, 299 and 300, we now have a good basis for adapting and strengthening the offer in the event of needs founded and based on future experiences ”.

Pierre Cuny, mayor of Thionville and president of the Portes de France-Thionville agglomeration community, for his part “seized” the file indicating that he had been “faced with a fait accompli”. “This car park is also Luxembourg public money spent. Working in co-financing means harmonizing our practices, ”insisted the elected official. Pierre Cuny took advantage of a meeting, Monday, September 7 in Thionville, with the French consul in Luxembourg and the Luxembourg ambassador in France to put the subject on the table. An interview with François Bausch, Minister of Mobility and Public Works, will take place before the end of September.

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