The Créteil – C’Chartres Métropole Handball match, scheduled for Wednesday evening, has been postponed!

There will be no match in Créteil for the C’Chartres MHB, this Wednesday October 7th. It is on its social networks that the Eurelian club has just announced the last minute information. The meeting of the 3rd day of Starligue is postponed to a later date for reasons related to health protocol.

The C’Chartres Métropole Handball in Créteil to get out of the scarlet zone

The Chartres team did not receive all the results of the Covid-19 tests passed this Monday, October 5 at the very beginning of the afternoon, the day after its 24-25 defeat against Nantes. Only a dozen tests, all negative, returned from the laboratory.

Twelve professional players including a goalkeeper

However, according to the regulations enacted by the NHL (National Handball League), twelve must be presented for professional players, including a goalkeeper, three hours before the match to have the right to play.

Faced with this inability of Chartres to provide the necessary documents, the NHL Competition Organizing Committee (COC) decided not to maintain the meeting. The Eurelian clan, arrived in Val-de-Marne at noon to prepare for the meeting, therefore resumed the road towards Eure-et-Loir without treading the floor of the Cristolienne room.

Last week we took the tests on Monday and got the results on Tuesday. Here, this is not the case…

Toni Gerona (Coach of C’Chartres MHB)

“Last week we took the tests on Monday and got the results on Tuesday. There, this is not the case, explains Toni Gerona, the coach of the CCMHB. The deadlines were lengthened due to the lack of reactive product. It’s part of the inconvenience of this particular season … ”

Chartres, who hoped for a rapid and negative return of all his tests, no player showing symptoms, offered his opponent to play tomorrow, this Thursday, October 8. But Créteil refused knowing that he would only have benefited from two small rest before challenging Nîmes in the Gard, this Saturday, October 10. “In their place, we would also have refused …”, admits Toni Gerona.

Not before October 20

This Créteil – Chartres cannot be rescheduled before Tuesday, October 20. Until then, Créteil, which already has a game overdue against Dunkirk set for October 13, will play every three days.

The C’Chartres MHB, it should return to the floor from this Sunday, October 11 with the reception of Cesson-Rennes.

Franck Thébault


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