The creators of Hogwarts Legacy were able to substantiate the plot of the absence of Quidditch in the game


From exploring the castle itself to rescuing all sorts of fantastical beasts, Avalanche Software’s upcoming action RPG will have a lot more than just casting spells; however, a game of Quidditch would not be one of them.

You may be pleased to know that Avalanche Software has tried to substantiate its absence. It turns out that principal Phineas Nigellus Black canceled the sport in the game. If you’re wondering where this came from, then you just need to take a look at this screenshot from a recent Hogwarts Legacy preview shared by user Character_Scale_5888

Student Hufflepuff says the following:

Professor Black was terrible even before he decided to cancel Quidditch.

Professor Black must have a good reason for abolishing Quidditch in the game, and it’s likely Harry Potter fans can’t wait to find out. Perhaps there will be more moments in the game that can shed light on such a strange decision. Of course, this is a rather banal way, but it’s still nice that the creators of the game tried to somehow explain the absence of their favorite sport through the game, and did not pretend that it simply does not exist.

Hogwarts Legacy releases February 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Additional versions of the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released in April, while Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait until July.

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