The creator of the Pfizer vaccine explains in detail if vaccinated people spread the virus

The first coronavirus vaccine to be approved by the main regulatory authorities was the one developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. Now the CEO of the German biotech, Ugur Sahin, has clarified one of the unknowns that most worried the experts: know if the people already inoculated spread the pathogen.

A) Yes, Sahin has ensured that the vaccine not only interrupts the adverse effects of the coronavirus, but it also does it with infections. In an interview with the German newspaper image, has explained the results of an analysis carried out in Israel, the world‘s leading vaccination country.

With the data in hand from this research, Sahin details that “the number of people for whom the PCR is positive and that, therefore, are potentially contagious, it is reduced by 92% after vaccination “. Therefore, the vaccine protects the recipient and also prevents transmission.

It is also effective with the new strains

On the defense of the remedy against the new variants found, the BioNTech executive is optimistic: “Protects against most known mutations, including B.1.1.7. With this knowledge, now too We know that we can contain the pandemic effectively if enough people are vaccinated. “

To reach these conclusions, 596,618 vaccinated people have been tested in Israel between December 20, 2020 and February 1, 2021. The data was compared those of many other unvaccinated citizens.

Possible third dose

What Sahin did not rule out was the need to inoculate a third dose reinforcement: “If critical variants arise, a simple strategy could be to administer a third dose of the current vaccine. Such a booster shot could produce such strong immune protection that even the variants no longer pass. “

Likewise, it also does not close the door to the need to carry out an annual puncture, since “if we want the virus is more difficult to spread in the future and we want to reduce infections, vaccination it needs to be updated more frequently, perhaps every year or year and a half. “

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