The Creation and Development of “Remember Me”: An Adventure Game with a Female Protagonist and Social Media-Inspired Theme.


Remember Me – the debut project of the French studio Don’t Nod (previously Dontnod Entertainment). Development began back in 2008, when the company first appeared. The game was originally called Adrift, and the concept of the project was a world flooded due to global warming, with a key game mechanic of the player character using jet skis to navigate a coastal city. The team later became interested in the concept of memory as a central theme and redesigned the game accordingly, although game director Jean-Maxime Maurice was reluctant to locate the setting in Paris as the studio was located there. The project was originally developed as a role-playing game, and Sony published it exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and full development began in February 2010. After creative differences between Dontnod and Sonyand following the game’s cancellation in February 2011 due to budget cuts, the project was unveiled at Gamescom 2011 in the hope that it would generate the attention it needed to secure another publishing deal. Dontnod became a partner Capcom Europebecause the Capcom acquired the intellectual property in 2012 and provided funding for the project, reimagining it as an adventure game for release on multiple platforms.

The game’s theme was inspired by the social networks that abound in the modern world, examples cited are Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Maurice explained that while some of the elements looked fantastic, the project was based on the real world in terms of how social media might evolve in the coming decades. Remember Me was considered a digital representation of the human personality compared to Life Is Strange by Dontnod. The game is influenced by classic cyberpunk anime such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell, as well as one of the literary works referenced in the game, George Orwell’s novel 1984. When asked in an interview why he made a female protagonist, Maurice replied that he wanted a cyberpunk game that was more about “emotions, intimacy, identity and how technology intersects with them” so it made more sense. for a female character. However, when Remember Me shown to potential publishers, many dissuaded from supporting the project, stating that a male character would be more successful.

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The music was composed by Olivier Derivière, who recorded the score with a 70-piece orchestra, then modified and altered it with electronic equipment. In an interview with Game Informer, Derivier said: “During my first contact [с игрой] I was completely confused by the amount of information and I felt that the music should reflect this confusion.” Derivier reported that players would not hear the main theme until the end of the game, given the spread of the composition across the elements in the rest of the score to reflect the nature of the game and Nilin’s story. For his work, Derivier was awarded the 2013 IFMCA Award for Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media.

Musical composition of Nilin the Memory Hunter:

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Remember Me was created using Unreal Engine 3 to reduce the workload associated with creating new intellectual property in a nascent studio that had just under 100 employees (now over 300). In order to evaluate the engine, Dontnod collaborated with the Epic Games engineering team at various stages of production.

In 2020, the release of Russian voice acting from the creative team RG MVO took place, so if you want to touch an unforgettable adventure in the scenery of the Paris of the future, inspired by the science fiction works of William Gibson, it’s time to try / replay this wonderful game!

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