the crazy statistic which proves that Cristiano Ronaldo was indispensable!

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Juventus Turin had a turbulent transfer market last summer, culminating in the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo for his former Manchester United team. After a complicated exercise, the Bianconeri wanted to get rid of the Portuguese striker, whose astronomical salary weighed heavily on the finances of the Old Lady. Above all, some have been able to blame the five-fold Ballon d’Or for not shining as much as before in the development of the game, and for not making much effort to lose the ball.

The crazy figure which proves that Cristiano Ronaldo was essential to Juve!

However, the player trained at Sporting Portugal can boast of being the Piedmont club’s top scorer in the calendar year 2021! Indeed, the one who is now thirty-six years old has registered the trifle of twenty achievements between January and May 2021, thus ahead of Paulo Dybala for example. A real feat which confirms that Cristiano Ronaldo was not necessarily a problem on the side of the Allianz Stadium.

In summary

A completely crazy statistic proves that Cristiano Ronaldo was indispensable on the side of Juventus Turin. In calendar year 2021, the legendary Portuguese striker is quite simply the club’s top scorer, as he left Piedmont last summer.

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