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The CPE approved the holding of virtual, online assemblies and the continuity of positions

Viedma.- The Provincial Council of Education (CPE) of Rio Negro approved the realization of the assembly of internships and substitutions for the 2021 school period virtually and online, taking into account the epidemiological conditions of each area, and established continuity of positions and teaching hours until March 1.
Prior to the 2021 School Cycle, all teachers must enter through the website of the Ministry of Education and Human Rights (, click on “procedures and consultations” and continue with the steps indicated, to register in the new virtual file.
To participate in the assembly on the established dates, you must register as applicants in the vacancies offered.
Likewise, through Resolution No. 66/2021, it was also determined that interested teachers must register as applicants for each position and / or hours, and remain connected (online) while the public act is taking place.
The designation modality will be that established by Resolution No. 2256/20 and 2397/20, with the rectification of Article 6, which establishes that the designated teacher must immediately contact the supervision, in order to express acceptance or not of the designation; and in case of not accepting or not communicating, the supervisor will continue to designate taking into account the list of applicants; and according to a schedule pre-established by the supervisors; and jointly at all levels and modalities (where positions or hours must be stated with details of the date and time to be developed for their appointment).
In addition, it determined that the teachers who cease their positions and / or hours as of February 9, 2021, must continue to provide service in the same, guaranteeing the collection of their salaries for all February, taking possession of the new position on February 1 March 2021.
In those supervisory areas where sanitary conditions allow it, and in compliance with Resolution No. 4119/20 “CuidaRNos Protocol”, the assemblies may be held in person and the positions offered may not be granted virtually.
In this process, the UnTER Union will designate observers in order to participate as observers of the appointment process in the Interim Assemblies and virtual Substitutions to be developed.
According to the 2021 School Calendar, the assemblies of Internships and Substitutions of Positions and / or hours for Initial, Primary and Secondary Education will be held in February, between 12 and 26 of that month.

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