The Covid-19 Vaccine Does Not Provide Lifetime Immunity

The Covid-19 vaccine can be given once a year.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The ability to provide immunity to the Covid-19 vaccine is considered different from other viral vaccines that can last a lifetime such as the measles vaccine. The Covid-19 vaccine can be given once a year, because it depends on exposure to the virus and a person’s immunity and how someone maintains their antibodies.

The Chairman of PERSAKMI, Prof. Ridwan Amiruddin revealed, the basic principle of giving the covid vaccine is different from measles, which is only vaccinated once or twice in a lifetime. because this vaccine does not provide immunity forever, but as long as our immunity is strong it will last.

“It is the same as the influenza vaccine. So the more we ignore our immunity, the more our immunity is depleted. Therefore, it must be boosted. Therefore, in some countries it is recommended to vaccinate influenza every year, there is a possibility that Covid-19 will be like that, because it does not provide immunity like measles, “he said in a Webinar on Guarding Covid-19 Vaccines in Indonesia, Sunday (22/11).

He explained that the question of the suspicion of parties regarding the security of the Covid-19 vaccine must be clarified in the community. Because some people are still influenced by the old thinking that is anti-vaccine, so this group government should approach this group. because this will be an obstacle to the vaccination program for reducing Covid-19 in the country.

Where the government has targeted 160 million people to get vaccines from a total population of 270 million Indonesians. Ridwan also emphasized that vaccines must be administered at almost the same time. “There should be no lag time for vaccines from one region to another in Indonesia,” he said.

Therefore, he hopes, these anti-vaccine groups can be approached and given an understanding of the importance of the Covid vaccine vaccination. And if the vaccine has been obtained, he emphasized, the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine must also be ensured by the government, including its halalness.

“There should be no information that is covered up in the public,” he said.

Until now, he said, studies have said that there is a high success rate for the Covid-19 vaccine, which is more than 94-95 percent. Some research on vaccine development such as Moderna 95 percent and Pfizer 90 percent.

“The question is who is the priority for getting the vaccine. First, of course the group of health workers, the two groups of vulnerable and comorbid patients. Meanwhile, the survivors and Covid-19 sufferers still get the vaccine,” he explained.

The University of Oxford Vaccine Research Team, Indra Rudiansyah said that the immune response generated naturally was not as good as that produced from vaccination. For example in the case of the Human Papilloma virus, it turns out that the immune response produced naturally is not as good as that produced from vaccination.

He said, until now there were nine Covid-19 vaccine developments around the world that had entered phase 3 clinical trials. By using various different platforms, where 2 used the RNA platform, then 4 used the parafector platform and 3 from China used the inactivated virus platform. .

So far only Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer have declared the application’s intrim data. However, it is still not published scientific data on the implications of the vaccine. Meanwhile, Sinovac and Sinopharm have published their scientific data which explains that the Covid-19 vaccine they have developed is safe.

The vaccine from Moderna provides 95 protection, while Pfizer provides 94 percent protection for populations over 65 years. Both vaccines use the same RNA platform.

“The vaccine from the synovac uses a virus that has been weakened so that it can no longer infect the human body. Meanwhile, the red and white vaccine uses a sub-unit of the virus, which is only the spike virus protein produced is used to vaccinate humans,” he explained.

For the Covid-19 vaccine produced by Oxford, using adenovirus is almost the same as a virus that has been attenuated and has been genetically modified so that it is harmless and can be used to deliver vaccines.


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