The Covid-19 forces to suspend the ‘March Against Cancer’ of La Ribera | SER Tudela

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the plans of many entities and associations that will not be able to carry out their most representative activities. It is the case of Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in the Ribera that this year will not celebrate its traditional march or the slope as we know it.

What would have been the Fifth edition The march against cancer will have to wait, they have not considered creating an online alternative that was already done in Navarra last April. The Delegate of the Association in Tudela and La Ribera, Mamen Motilva, recognizes that “it is a shame, we are going to miss her very much because on these dates we are always with the numbers, the shirts watching how people from all over the Ribera turn over and I have a feeling of emptiness when seeing how life is changing us, “he says.

Nor will we see the volunteers this year in the traditional cost against cancerSince most of the people at risk are involved, a digital piggy bank has been opted for, which can be accessed through the Association’s website ( and the installation of money boxes in shops. His battle against cancer is now joined by the battle against COVID, “these are two battles in which we all have to fight together” acknowledges Motilva who also ensures that the sick and volunteers “live this time with uncertainty but wanting to move on “he points out.

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