The COVAX of the week, report

after a stop shipments were reactivated of anti-COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX mechanism. This week three games recorded, all for Central America.

This week is over, showed Venezuela as the main recipient of COVID-19 vaccinesdistributed through the COVAX platform. See PAHO

The country received on Thursday March 17 a game made up of 4,680,000 doses from Sinopharmthe Chinese vaccine Beijing Institute of Biological Products.

A day before, the Wednesday 16 arrived at Honduras a cargo with 349,830 units of the vaccine Comirnatymade by the North American Pfizer and the german BioNTech. He responds to a donation from the United States.

The same day he landed in St. Luciaa plane with 5,040 doses of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine modern american. It is a small volcanic island located in the Caribbean Sea. Everything ran under the management of PAHO.

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