The court in St. Petersburg arrested the person accused of murdering the wife of Mundep :: Society :: RBC

Tatiana Shokina


The Zelenogorsk District Court of St. Petersburg has arrested for two months the deputy of the municipal council of Komarovo Igor Shokin, accused of murdering his wife. About it reports united press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

“Shokin was chosen as a preventive measure in the form of detention until November 28, 2020,” the press service of the courts said.

According to the investigation, Shokin, on the basis of his personal enmity, inflicted at least 11 blows on his wife with a piercing-cutting object in the head and torso. After that, the woman died at the scene. Investigators also claim that the deputy tried to hide the traces of the crime and escape.

As noted, the visiting session in the Shokin case took place in the city psychiatric hospital No. 3.

In St. Petersburg, a municipal deputy was suspected of murdering his wife

Photo: Nikita Popov / RBC


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