The couple at home and on the screen: Šafránková and Abrhám often played together for a clear reason

Josef Abrhám and Libuše Šafránková formed a beautiful and sympathetic couple not only in private. Many times they appeared side by side in many film comedies. In short, the creators liked the couple very much, they had great chemistry between them and the casting of both of them in one film was already a great success for the audience.

They married in 1976 and since then they have been one of the most beautiful and popular couples in the Czechoslovak and later Czech show business. Viewers adored Libuše Šafránková and Josef Abrhám, which is why the creators began to cast them in many films together. The most famous, where Abrhám and Šafránková played Husband and wife, is undoubtedly the legendary comedy Vrchní, prchni !. And it was during the shooting of the film that Šafránková and Abrhám perfectly improvised, which completely surprised the director.

The saddles!

Perhaps every lover of Czech film will remember a scene from the film Vrchní, prchni! However, there was no mention of it in the script, but the actors simply did Flash they adjusted the scene to their image and they succeeded! To this day, this passage is one of the most popular sections of the film. The couple did not only have great acting talent, but also perfect ideas.

Together they also appeared in films such as The Honeymoon to Jiljí or in the film from 2013 Will Jesus Come This Year ?.

A controversial beginning to a relationship

Although Libuše Šafránková and Josef Abrhám were considered one of the most stable couples in the Czech show business and avoided various scandals, the beginning of their love was somewhat scandalous. Abrham was commissioned at that time, his partner was the singer Naďa Urbánková. Of course, she had no idea about the spark between Saffron and her love. Their ratio is then according to she learned only from her hairdresser.

This was followed by a breakup and Abrham began to appear in public with Šafránková. After a three-year relationship, they said “yes” to each other in church, and after the wedding, their son Josef was born. Abrham and Saffron were married for almost fifty years.

The last time the couple appeared in front of the camera was in the film Will Santa come this year?

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