The Coupe de France is the DNA of OM! – Season

Celebrate OM victory in French Cup is a feeling that those under the age of thirty cannot experience. And even those under forty, because the last date still dates from 1989. At the time, the Stade de France was not even envisaged, François Mitterrand was president of the Republic and France was preparing to spend the to the sound of The Lambada and unforgettable “I will survive you” by Jean-Pierre François. The latter also sported the same haircut as the majority of Olympians and their supporters who trimmed the quarter turns of the old Vélodrome. Suffice to say that we do not really want to bring out the photos, and yet, what an era! That evening, Papin, Allofs, Förster, Di Meco and the whole gang triumphed over the Monaco of Weah, Dib and Hoddle 4-3, with a hat-trick from JPP, who had found nothing better than to smack the wind Mitterrand under the dumbfounded eyes of the Parc des Princes and all of France. A magic moment and then … nothing!

It was however the tenth, a record at the time that we thought inaccessible, long before PSG started its raid with twelve trophies today. A PSG out of competition in L1, but no longer really unbeatable in the Coupe de France, we saw it last year. A good reason to resume the race ahead, and it starts of course this Sunday afternoon against Trélissac (N2) at the Limoges stadium. “Rid of” the League Cup and deprived of the European Cup, OM are offered a great opportunity this season to become again a star of this competition, after having failed on the finish line in 1991 (Monaco) , 2006 (PSG), 2007 (Sochaux) and 2016 (re-PSG). A competition that remains legendary, especially with the announced disappearance of its rival, the Coupe de la Ligue. Mythical for the players, with a nice line on their CV, but also and especially for us, supporters, with these trips to Paris that we tell from generation to generation. André Villas-Boas said it on Friday: he wants to leave a mark on OM’s record. A direct qualification in C1 would leave a good one, of course, but it is not a trophy. These trophies that make the Old Port and the Canebière disappear in the fog of smoke during a parade. We really want to relive these moments, to review these images, especially with this team and this coach that we love. The first episode begins this afternoon at 2:30 p.m., a warm-up that should not be missed under any circumstances!

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