The country-Myanmar military dictatorship clashes At least 6 more mobs were fired.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021, 5.48 p.m.

On March 3, 2021, foreign news agencies reported. The situation of anti-coup protests in Myanmar continues to boil. Recently, there was a violent clash. At least six protesters were shot dead by Myanmar security forces. During the use of violence to suppress the protesters.

While protests in Myingyan city Central of Myanmar There was a violent confrontation between riot police and protesters. Officers fired tear gas, rubber bullets and real bullets. Into the crowd Resulting in at least 10 injuries

There are now 30 deaths in anti-coup protests in Myanmar since the military took power on Feb. 1.

The Myanmar Political Prisoner Aid Association (AAPP) said more than 1,200 protesters have been arrested since the Feb. 1 coup. Prison or charged It also states that There were 34 reporters arrested. And 15 people have been released.

“Pope Francis” urges the Myanmar army to end violence

Pope Francis Head of the Roman Catholic Church His Majesty the King urged the Myanmar Army to end violence against the people. And the release of political prisoners Pope Francis also called for talks in Myanmar to end the conflict. Young people in Myanmar should not face a hateful future. But there should be reconciliation

Pope Francis previously visited Myanmar in 2017.

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