The counting of votes in the three polling stations in Riga will take place on Thursday evening – in Latvia – News

According to Laura Zaharova, representative of the Central Election Commission (CEC),

the transfer of votes will be organized by the Riga City Election Commission in the premises of the Riga Congress House,

1st floor, Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street 5, Riga. The transfer of votes will be performed by the 74th, 97th and 144th polling station commissions of the city of Riga.

Authorized observers and media representatives from the list of candidates registered for the Riga City Council elections will be able to observe the addition of votes. Media representatives must register with CVK in advance.

Following the judgment of the Administrative Regional Court, the CEC instructed the Riga City Electoral Commission to organize and control the counting of votes in the above-mentioned polls. The polling station commissions are instructed to hold a vote counting session, to open bundles with invalid envelopes which have been declared invalid due to a violation of regulatory enactments committed by the polling station commission, to open the said envelopes and to establish their content. The polling station commissions shall perform the counting of votes in these envelopes in accordance with the procedures specified in the Republic City Council and County Council Election Law and the CVK Vote Counting Instruction and shall prepare a new vote counting protocol.

The new polling results will be made public after the counting of votes On the CVK website.

In its turn, the Riga City Election Commission, based on the vote counting protocols, must prepare a new protocol of the August 29, 2020 Riga City Council election results no later than the day after their receipt and make a new decision on approving the election results. According to the court judgments, this decision will not be subject to appeal, as it will be taken in execution of the judgment.

The judgments of the Administrative Regional Court of 14 and 15 September provide for the transfer of votes in these polling stations by adding the invalid envelopes to the total election results.

In the Riga City Council elections, which took place on August 29 this year, a total of 627 ballot envelopes without the polling station seal were found in the ballot boxes at the 97th and 144th polling stations in the city of Riga. At polling station 74, on the other hand, 34 envelopes marked “previous voting” were found in the ballot box.


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