The councilors inspected the museum. “Can anyone get married at a museum?”

The ad hoc inspection of the audit committee took place in December. At Monday’s session, councilman Jan Jakubiec (Biała Samorządowa) presented the protocol with conclusions.

– We noticed the need to increase funds for regional education of students, as well as to analyze the employment structure in terms of more employees for promotion and service – says Jakubiec. The councilors also propose to accelerate the revitalization works of the museum building at Łomaska ​​Street.

Rafal Izbicki, the director of the Southern Podlasie Museum ensures that the staffing of the facility is adequately secured: – However, this structure is being modified, because we have established a collection digitization workshop, as well as a separate collections custodian in terms of conservation. A person for promotion was also appointed. I am preparing a new concept of the structure, which I will submit to the president in April.

The director shares the position of the councilors regarding the need to renovate the over 100-year-old building at Łomaska ​​Street, where in the years 1940-1944 the Gestapo was stationed. Probably about 9,000 inhabitants of Podlasie passed through the cells. They were tortured on the ground floor, and the prisoners were thrown into the basement in agony. After the war, the cells were plastered.

According to historians, the initials and information about people who were held here should be preserved on the walls. Today, in one part of the building, the Department of Martyrology and History is located. And in the second part, until recently, local government kindergarten No. 6 was located, which moved to a new facility last year. Even then, officials announced that the premises would be taken over by the museum.

– I have already presented to the city hall the concept of developing the building for museum purposes, from the basement to the attic. Now we are consulting it with substantive departments. We will try to obtain external funds for the renovation – emphasizes the director. With reference to the commission’s proposal regarding the education of students, Izbicki believes that the offer is wide. “We are constantly expanding it through historical and art competitions. They are of great interest.

Councilman Marek Dzyr (United Right) addressed an unusual question to the director: “I saw that you could get married in a museum. Is it a paid service? Can everyone use it? the councilor asked.

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In December, the facility posted photos from a civil wedding in its social media, which took place in one of the museum rooms. “The wedding ceremony was performed by Mayor Michał Litwiniukand the young couple received a reproduction of a painting by Bazyli Albiczuk, on which beautiful poppies bloom. The gift was presented by the director of the museum, Rafał Izbicki. Magda and Norbert – let your life together flourish like flowers in the gardens painted by Bazyli” – you can read on the museum’s fan page.

– Such a ceremony actually took place during our work. It is not a paid service. We received such a request from the Registry Office – explains Izbicki. – As a director, I gave permission to make the space available.

This year’s subsidy from the city budget for the operation of the facility is: PLN 2.3 million.

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