The cost of gold collapses! These are the particulars from 1 Gram to 1 Kg


At all now, Antam’s output of 24-carat important metals on Thursday (1/9/2022) lowered when compared to yesterday’s investing. The value of gold fell today to Rp. 8,000 for every gram, at the amount of Rp. 949,000 per gram.

The selling price of gold is in disarray as it has now fallen sharply after experiencing a surge in buying and selling yesterday. Not to mention how the price tag of gold proceeds to fall dramatically and turn out to be the lowest price of the past half 12 months.

For the smallest device of gold rate, the .5 gram dimension is at the moment at Rp 524,500. In the meantime, the rate of 10 grams of gold sells for Rp 8,985,000. In the meantime, the major gold size, which is 1,000 grams (1 kg), is priced at IDR 889,600,000.


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If withdrawn in the earlier 7 days, Antam’s gold price movement was observed to transfer in the variety of Rp. 949,000,000 / gram – Rp. 972,000 / gram. Meanwhile, the move has been in the Rp selection for the past thirty day period. 949,000 / gram – Rp. 998,000 / gram.

In the meantime, Antam’s buyback price of gold also dropped by Rp 8,000 per gram and introduced the buyback selling price to Rp 817,000 per gram. This repurchase cost means that if you want to sell gold, Antam will purchase it at that value.

In accordance with PMK n. 34 / PMK 10/2017, the invest in of gold bars will be subject matter to PPh 22 of .9%. This implies that if you want to get a reduce tax deduction of .45%, you ought to involve a TIN variety for the transaction.

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Antam’s Gold Cost Details From 1 gram to 1000 gram today

.5 gram gold bar Rp 524,500

1 gram gold bar Rp 949,000

2 gram gold bar Rp 1,838,000

3 gram gold bar Rp 2,732,000

5 gram gold bar Rp 4,520,000

10 gram gold bar Rp 8,985,000

25 gram gold bar Rp 22,337,000

50 gram gold bar Rp 44,595,000

100 gram gold bar Rp 89.112.000

250 gram gold bar Rp 222,515,000

Gold bars 500 grams Rp 444.820.000

1000 gram gold bar Rp 889.600.000

Here are the information not the price Antam’s manufacturing today is 1 gram to 1000 grams, Thursday 1 September 2022.

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